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Jul 4, 2011 6:00am EDT
of people cheering for the couple... couple...britain's royal couple, prince william and 3 of anada over the weekend. after speeding a ggod portion offthe trip in quebec.. they moved on to charllttetown on 3see them greeting excittd residents ho gathered in the streets and even some áveryá young soldiers.tte couple is aalost half way through their nine day tour of the counnry. after this trip wraps up, they're coming to the u-s to visit caaifornia for three days. 3 a baay hippo at tte san diego zoo... has quiteethe ttaent in -waterrballet.this is 5 month old adhama.. practicing his ballet moves ... fllpping and twirling underrater .whill his mom watches neaaby.adhaaa... -3 which means "hooor" in swahili 3 flips and ttirls have gotten 2--illion views on you-tube 3 coming up... 3 shoplifting.. is on the rise.. who's doing it.. and why it could be a ágoodá sign.. for -3 3 p and next... it'ss s american as apple the pnnual nathan's hot dog eating contest got started. you're watchhng fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all morning. 3 ((break
Jul 14, 2011 6:00am EDT
around the tracc. sold out. 3 3 in britain... social networking has morphed into what some are calling social ápá survey shows there's a growing ttend of people creating twitter, facebookkand outube profiles for thhir pets. experts ay because these sites are becoming ssch a bigg role in people's lives... it's pets involved in thh phenomenon too. coming up... it's the , end of an era... harry potter movve nnts natshow the "harry potter" actors are the you're --meteorologgst emily graccy is live with tte emily gracey is --meteorologist emily gracey is live with the details on this morning'' hometown hotspot--ma petite shoe---french music, tastings, homemmde crepes and a special appearance by marie antoinette look-alikes --bastille day, celebrated in france each year on july 14, is held to commemorate the storming of the bastille fortress-prison in 1789 and was viewed as a symbol of freedom and the uprising of the modern nation naaion 3 celebrate bastille day at ma petite 3shoe today from 5 to 8pm.for fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3 3 3 3- 3 3 3 3 3 map fiber
Jul 29, 2011 6:00am EDT
traveling tt the u- according to a nee study ut of britain....brits who vacation in the u-s... usuallyy gain about 8 poundssbig portions... and all-you-can-eat buffets are tt blame.coming innsecond... on the so-called "holiday fat map"... is the caribbean... pith it's all-inclusive reeorts.france, italy and ggeecee.. known for their ffod &pquality... round oot the top five. hoo does a movie under the pmonlight sound tonight?that's what thousands of ppople will be dooig in little italy... as phe 13th annuul film festival person is missing in that one - llrge crowd. frrm little italy where the mannwho madd it it's ffiday and that means it's your turn to sound off onn our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foobaltimore to become a fan and join the ccnversation. coming up... mother earth is growing... faster than we'd many ábillionsá of people we can expect to have on our planet... by the end of thiss [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationw
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3